Effective Press Release Writing: Learning By Example

Effective Press Release Writing: Learning By Example

Posted on 13. May, 2011 by + in Presss Release Examples

It’s been a while since we shined a spotlight on some of our favorites from the last couple of weeks, so we’re bringing it back. The next couple of PRs stood out among the hundreds we distribute on a daily basis, and we’ll tell you what they did right! (Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to watch closely those that are already doing it right!)

Press Release Example #1

Payroll Software From Halfpricesoft.com Saves Small Business Time And Money During Recession

Title: First thing’s first: the title. It not only tells the reader what the news is, but what problem it helps to address. The company very smartly included one of their keywords, “Payroll Software” in the title, which really helps boost SEO results.

News Angle: This is a very relevant topic for small business owners, and the PR addresses the fact that this new product is in direct response to customers’ requests. Who doesn’t like a company that listens to what their customers demand?

Clarity: The entire PR is easy to read, well-detailed, and isn’t overly promotional at all. Paragraphs are well-spaced and not overwhelming to the eye, encouraging readers to READ, not skim. The main features and benefits of the company’s products are laid out, as well as the pricing structure. This isn’t an ad, it’s a well-written press release.

Utilization of Features: Look at all of the options this company used to help elevate their PR above the rest! The iFrame provides a quick link directly to the company’s site, and the Twitter feed allows people to easily “follow” them and connect via social media. They also used both the image and video options, which are proven methods to keep people reading your press release longer.

The results report for this PR: http://www.onlineprnews.com/report/136468

Press Release Example #2

St. Louis Trade Show Displays Expert, Skyline St. Louis, Hosts Personal Protection Class

Title: We thought this one was a pretty compelling title, because why would a trade show display company host a personal protection class? It made us want to click and read to find out, which is what an effective title should do.

Effective SEO Usage: This PR was written to be SEO-optimized. The title contains a keyword, as does the summary, which we always recommend.

Company values: When reading this press release, it becomes clear that this class was offered to the employees to empower them and focus on a healthy lifestyle. To us, this helps build respect and credibility for the company, and shows that they value their employees. We like to do business with people like that!

Quotes: The quotes used in this PR were interesting, and it was great that they used the block quote feature to highlight one of them. People often skim first to see if something is worth a full read, and the block quote allows a reader to get an idea of the tone of the PR.

The results report for this PR: http://www.onlineprnews.com/report/135215

Try This…

Before writing your next press release, try this… browse through the Online PR Media homepage and scan the headlines. See which ones catch your eye. When you find one that does, open it up and ask yourself “why” it’s piquing your interest or speaking to you — then incorporate some of the same principles into your press release. Happy press release writing!

7 Responses to “Effective Press Release Writing: Learning By Example”

  1. Ramiro Rodriguez

    16. May, 2011

    I’ve been researching press release ‘how to’s’ for a few days and this is the best article I’ve read so far.

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  2. Amber K

    17. May, 2011

    It’s always helpful to see what a professional considers a really ‘stand out’ press release. Regardless of the topic, these are practical tips that anyone can incorporate into their PR writing. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Susan

    17. May, 2011

    Lots of great tips! I particularly like the suggestion about scanning other PR headlines to see which ones hold our attention/interest. Great technique to bring to the next company brainstorming session!

  4. Bethanney

    17. May, 2011

    It’s always great to follow by example – in this case, these are 2 awesome examples that really stand out! I love how you pointed out each area of the PRs that really spoke to doing things the ‘right’ way. This is very helpful! :)

  5. John

    17. May, 2011

    I agree, it’s often hard to come up with a compelling headline but when you review the list showing on the Online PR Media homepage you can easily see which ones jump out at you. After reviewing the ones that jumped out I was able to examine why and this helped me structure my headline better. Thanks for the tip!

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    22. May, 2011

    a very good way!! thank you for your advice!

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