What’s the Best Time To Publish a Press Release? 3 Experts Share Their Theories

What’s the Best Time To Publish a Press Release? 3 Experts Share Their Theories

Posted on 05. Apr, 2011 by + in Press Release Writing Tips

What really IS the best time to publish a press release? That’s a question that we hear a lot — and there really is no “definite” answer. Common knowledge is that press releases do better “Tuesday through Thursday.” And while these are certainly the most popular days to submit a press release according to our site’s traffic numbers — you could be missing out if you only follow the common paradigm without evaluating the big picture.

In order to answer this question, we’ve asked 2 of our savvy Internet marketing customers and one representative of one of the countries most established newswire services for their opinions.

The conclusion — there is no “one size fits all” time, but there is a “right time” for you. Our aim is to arm you with the information you need to decide when the best time is to publish YOUR press release.

Scott Moir, Founder of Irbtrax

Around here, we call Scott the “stats man.” Scott, the founder of the SEO and internet marketing strategies firm, Irbtrax SEO, has an incredible ability to not only compile stats, but to really KNOW which stats to measure to make sense of the bottom line.

According to Scott:

The best time to send out a press release is during the peak Internet traffic hours for your target audience, no matter which day you choose. This accomplishes a couple things:

First, the release has the best chance of being viewed while still in Google News, before other releases that might a carry similar message push it back in the news queue. The reason this is important is because I’ve found the more views it gets while in the process of being organically indexed, the higher the Google ‘popularity’ quotient. A high Google popularity quotient, providing the release is both uniquely worded and relevant, provides the best chance for that release to gain page rank.

The second and most obvious reason for keeping the target market in mind is results — results such as views, leads or conversions. Obviously if you publish a B2B release on a Friday evening, chances are you’re going to miss the bulk of your target market’s search trends.

– Scott Moir, Irbtrax

This is wonderful knowledge — you’ve got to know when your target audience is online. “Tuesday – Thursday” works so well because that’s when most business are online — but today, press releases reach the end consumer directly.

If you’re a realtor and your target audience is searching for homes on the weekends, it makes more sense to publish your press release during the times THEY are online looking. Even though the press release will “live” online forever, press releases tend to have greater visibility within the first 48 hours that they are published.

Josh O’Berski — SEO Specialist

Josh O’Berski is an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist for one of the most innovative Chicago Internet Marketing Firms, Straight North. Like Scott, as an SEO, Josh evaluates timing from the impact it has for its clients not only in terms of conversion, but also in the search engines.

Josh says:

While we don’t hold to these rules exclusively, we find that our press releases do better when released Tuesday-Thursday. We’re not absolutely convinced that timing is the most important factor though. For our clients, the primary factor in getting good pickup involves having a news story that is relevant and covers a topic we’re able to promote to the right industry representatives and thought leaders.

– Josh O’Berski, Chicago SEO Company, Straight North

I love what Josh is saying here… as an SEO, he knows that the more people talk about (i.e. link to and share) a press release, the more impact is has as a tool to either rank well in the search engines or pass link value on to the company’s website.

A press release will be syndicated in full in many places (depending on which distribution option you choose), which provides lots of anchor text backlinks. But when people favorite/tweet/bookmark/etc the release, that’s golden. More importantly, when influential communicators read the release, then find out more about the company, and then write about the company as a thought leader — that is platinum. But in order for that to happen, the message must be interesting and relevant to the right people.

The key is exposure. Just about anything can happen if the right people are exposed to the right message. Anything from business partnerships to media mentions to new customers. We see all of those things happen as a result of press releases, all the time.

PR Newswire Editor

When Tara asked this same question of an editor at PR Newswire, one of the nation’s most established satellite wire services and our newswire partner for our wire distribution package, her response was — and I summarize:

For privately held companies, the best time to send out a press release is after 10am EST on a weekday. Many of the publicly traded companies send out their press releases early in the morning. Sending it after 10am means that the press release is less likely to be buried among all the traffic that takes place in the early morning hours.

Keep in mind that this is from the point of view of sending a release over the wire. When they refer to “the wire” they are referring to the satellite feed that newspapers, TV, and radio stations subscribe to in order to watch for breaking news and highly relevant news. (These are the press releases that submitted via our $349 distribution level).

However, the philosophy has merit for online press releases too. Since most people think that it’s a good idea to submit news first thing in the morning, there could conceivable be a “clogging up” factor in terms of releases being featured in Google News and on other news aggregators. Furthermore, many sites have news widgets that display headlines from various press release distribution sites. These feeds only display a certain number of headlines due to space restrictions.

If your press release is submitted during times outside of the bulk rush but inside of peak hours for your target audience, the headline could conceivable be more visible than if it were one of thousands that were pouring through all at once.

Your Turn!

What say you? In your experience, what has been the best time to submit a press release?

28 Responses to “What’s the Best Time To Publish a Press Release? 3 Experts Share Their Theories”

  1. Amber K

    05. Apr, 2011

    Thanks for the great info! A lot of companies still perceive the press release as something only journalists, industry analysts or other ‘news’ people read. But you make such a great point that these days, a company’s customer/end user may very well be reading their PRs as well!!

  2. Sadie

    05. Apr, 2011

    I would agree that this is the ‘million-dollar’ question when it comes to the world of Press Releases. After we have tackled what to announce or we deem is newsworthy to share, then the keywords and the edits — ahhh the final approved Press Release is perfectly polished and ready to go out. But, when should we send it out — clients ALWAYS ask this question. I couldn’t agree more about the after 10am point of view as well as the Target Audience, Target Audience & Target Audience…love it!

  3. Katie

    05. Apr, 2011

    This is wonderful information and definitely something that gets asked a lot. I love the point that it matters when your customers are reading their news and that’s more important than when the traditional news sources say a release should be published.

  4. Megan L.

    06. Apr, 2011

    It is so interesting to see the different points of view from three reputable sources. I think it makes the most sense to send out a press releases when you know your target audience is searching online. Your ‘realtor’ example was a great one — if customers are searching for homes mostly on the weekends, then that would clearly be the best time to send out a press release to capture this audience. No brainer! :)

  5. Lily Martinez

    23. Jul, 2011

    I appreciate the 3 different points of view as well although I have always been a Tuesday- Thursday kinda girl myself, the other perspectives may be worth giving a shot. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Merrill

    29. Jul, 2011

    The truth is that there is always some truth to the old standby techniques. That’s typically how they became accepted and spread in the first place.

    As someone who sifted through thousands of press releases daily, I would stick by the Tuesday through Thursday technique.

    Monday I was always under a mountain of paperwork from the weekend and never spent the time I should have to go through everything properly.

    Friday, well, I hate to admit it but I was more interested in just getting to the weekend and not so concerned about doing my work properly.

    Just my .02

    - M

  7. Michael Neuendorff

    05. Sep, 2011

    I really like that you’ve pulled in thoughts from 3 experts sharing different perspectives. I’ve not actually done any PR for my business, but I’m thinking this is the year to start.

    After reading this I think I’ll be starting on a Tuesday after 10 am ET and making sure it’s relevant news. Thanks!

  8. George Thompson

    20. Sep, 2011

    The Tuesday through Thursday release schedule is something we’ve adhered to for years. Obviously, our primary objective with a press release is to have the greatest number of viewers.

    Combining a mid-week release with a late morning to early afternoon time frame also makes good sense as Tara pointed out.

    Having a targeted audience, newsworthy content and the correct timing are all important components to getting the most “bang for the buck”. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Tara Geissinger


    20. Sep, 2011

    Thanks George! We completely agree. :) Glad you found a system that seems to work for you. That is what is most important!

  10. Karla Boyle

    21. Sep, 2011

    We go with Tuesday through Thursday too. This is because in a typical set-up, Monday they’ll have too much mails to go through and will need to jumpstart with work since they had much break from the weekends and work left on Friday. Friday, on the other hand, people would be in a hurry to rush out to welcome the weekend and therefore would either focus on getting work done or be slightly lazy hearing the clock tick. Tuesday through Thursday is perfect because they have set their pace on these days and are more likely to indulge in reading a few articles. And I agree about 10AM.
    Karla Boyle recently posted..Slide 3

  11. Katie

    02. Oct, 2011

    Is there a way to determine when your audience would be the most likely to read a press release? Would it correlate with your traffic?
    Katie recently posted..How To Get Him Back After A Break Up Without Pushing Him Away Even More

  12. Christine OKelly


    02. Oct, 2011

    That’s a good question Katie! I’m not sure if there’s a one size fits all answer to it, but I think your idea of it correlating with your traffic is probably a very good guess! If your press release is optimized for the same types of keywords as a your website and you usually see trends in website visits during certain times based on keyword searches, it seems to make sense that people might be looking for the press release during those same times as well!

  13. Marg

    14. Oct, 2011

    I am so glad I found this. I am launching a membership program and we have been trying to figure out the best time to do the press release. I like the concept of offering 3 different opinions. It gives the article more credibility and more balance.
    Marg recently posted..Albuquerque Firewood – Tips For Buying And Burning

  14. Tara Geissinger


    17. Oct, 2011

    Thanks Marg! I’m glad you liked the post. :) Let us know if you have any questions about your press release. We’re happy to help!

  15. Anja

    19. Oct, 2011

    Thanks for this great information, so interesting to see 3 different points of view. I agree that Tuesday through Thursday is the perfect day to have a press release. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Anja recently posted..What You Need To Give Your Arowana A Good Home

  16. David Lalumendre

    24. Sep, 2012

    The issue I have with it is that so many people tell you to do it Tues – Thurs that you get pushed back so quickly regardless of the time of day.

    We like to do ours on Monday or Friday just because fewer people are advised to release on those days. They seem to do well.

  17. steph

    13. Nov, 2012

    Do you think a release should be held until after a major holiday? We have a release we are ready to send out now but with Thanksgiving so close, we are wondering if it may be better to hold until after the holiday… would love to have your insight. Thanks!

  18. Christine OKelly

    Christine OKelly

    13. Nov, 2012

    Hi Steph — Great question!

    I think it really depends on what the release is about. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! If your release is about a sale, it might be the perfect time. Also, many people take advantage of the 4 day weekend to get work done and do more reading and browsing than they normally have time for. I think it depends on your product, your announcement and your target audience :)

  19. Francis Taylor

    10. May, 2013

    Thanks for a great article.
    Does anyone know of any recent research, or any online resources, which might indicate when a target market is most likely to be online?

  20. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    10. May, 2013

    I think it depends on the target market, you know? Everybody is different and time zones would play a role as well.

  21. steven

    15. Nov, 2013

    Good call on the 10am send, I changed the times slightly and got in so many more places..

  22. Kathlene

    15. Dec, 2013

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    but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you adѵise stаrting with a free platform like WordPress
    or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that
    I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any tips? Bless you!
    Kathlene recently posted..Kathlene

  23. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    26. Dec, 2013

    Kathlene, WordPress is an excellent platform to start with! In fact, we prefer WordPress even if you aren’t just starting out. They offer great templates and lots of options for design. Very user friendly!

  24. Stock Picks Expert

    25. Jan, 2014

    Very nice post of the day. I hope every one should get the maximum benefit from this.

  25. Marion Rossall

    18. Mar, 2014

    Thanks. The article was great, made me consult my social media for data on client behaviour and best times for posting. Good advice.


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