Press Release Template: Introducing a New Product or Service

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Of all the types of news announcements we see at Online PR Media, the announcement of a new product or service is the most prevalent. Because journalists, bloggers, and consumers are all interested in learning about something new, this type of press release can be extremely effective! To help you organize your information, we’ve created a series of press release templates that can act as a guide for writing various types of press releases.

This template isn’t the ONLY way to write a new product or service press release — but it can serve as a great launching point if your stuck or if you want to check your press release draft to ensure that you’ve covered all of the important bases.

The ‘New Product or Service Announcement’ Press Release Template

Press Release Title – 100 Characters or Less

Summary – 300 characters or less

Paragraph 1 – Announce the product or service. Identify the target audience and how it specifically solves their problem.

Paragraph 2 – offer specific features and user benefits of the product or service

Paragraph 3 – Explanation of how the product functions or of specific features. (1-2 paragraphs)

Paragraph 4 – A quote that explains why your product or service is different from any other solution on the market.

Interesting quote,” said Name of person being quoted, Title of person being quoted of company name (http://website

Paragraph 5 – Provide some background about your company, and why you are qualified to launch this new product or service.

Paragraph 6 – A quote that explains your reason for launching this product or service and how you hope it will help your customers.

Another interesting quote,” said Last name of person being quoted.

About the Your Company: Your Company (http://www. website operates a full service… (Use this area to describe how your company serves the market and your unique selling position [i.e. what sets you apart from your competitors].)

Examples of Great ‘New Product or Service Announcements’ Press Releases

One of my college writing professors said that the way to become a great writer was to read — a LOT. By reading examples of great work, we consciously and subconsciously absorb ideas and knowledge about what we need to produce great work. Here are some stellar examples of businesses who have published effective press releases announcing a new product or service:

New Inspired-Giving Catalog Offers Gifts That Give a Hand-Up to the Poor This Holiday Season

Linzi Stoppard & FUSE Launch The Most Expensive Electric Violins In The World

Stainless Steel Flatware Company, Gourmet Settings, Announces Online Bridal Gift Registry Solutions

WorkPapers.Pro Announces Desktop Application Release – Revolutionizing Audit Working Papers

Dealers Transmission Exchange, Experts in Industrial Transmissions, Adds Tonanco Gears to Inventory

Men’s Dating Guide ‘She’s Yours For The Taking’ Now Available For The Kindle Library

Your Turn!

Have questions about writing a press release announcing a new product or service? Want to share an press release announcing your new product or service? Are there any points that you feel should be added to the press release template?

13 Responses to “Press Release Template: Introducing a New Product or Service”

  1. Megan L.

    17. Nov, 2010

    What a helpful press release template — thanks for sharing, Christine! The only thing I would add is perhaps to expand on Paragraph 3 to not only address the new product features, but to also discuss specifically how it complements the existing product or service offering. For example, what makes this new product or service such a natural addition to the company’s lineup — is it an expansion of an existing product line, etc? Just a thought! :)

  2. Christine OKelly


    17. Nov, 2010

    Oooh! That’s a great point to add – thanks Megan!!

  3. Lenny

    19. Nov, 2010

    This is a great template! What a genius idea for a PR that announces a new product or service – a working guideline. This is very helpful!

    I think paragraph one is the meat and potatoes of the whole PR (the rest is just confirming that part) – because it really needs to sell & tell WHY & HOW this will benefit this customer and solve their needs. I think to myself, that’s what I would want to know when learning about a new product or service before I buy!

  4. I’m checking out your website from my Iphone and its not loading the site correctly! Any tips on what I should try???

  5. Dave

    14. Jun, 2012

    Awesome resource, i really like the examples. This really clears up my questions on how to write effective PR titles, mine have always been boring, this should help. Thanks, Dave

  6. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    14. Jun, 2012

    Thanks Dave! We’re happy to help! :)

  7. Mary Ann

    08. Aug, 2013

    Hi! I work in PR and am taking what was a part-time side business and turning it into a full-time communications/pr business.

    While I’ve been working under the business since 2001, I haven’t ever fully launched it and just now am getting my LLC.

    Any suggestions on how to approach sending out a release? I know I can say expanding services… but I always have a more challenging time working on ‘my stuff’ vs. materials for others.

    Thank you!

  8. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    09. Aug, 2013

    I feel your pain Mary Ann! Sometimes writing our own news is the hardest simply because we are too close to it. I like the idea of announcing a re-launch because you never really launched in the first place. Are you offering any special promos or having any events (like a ribbon cutting?) that you can feature?

    When talking about your business be sure to emphasize what customers will get from working with you. What makes you different and exactly what services will you offer.

    I hope that helps!

  9. lesley

    11. Sep, 2013

    This is such a great help & guide for me to write my product launch press release. Being such a small start up (just me!), any tips on how to draft a target list of appropriate media contacts / journalists etc.?
    Thanks so much

  10. Christine OKelly

    Christine OKelly

    14. Oct, 2013

    Great question Lesley! There are a few things you can do. If your product or service has a global niche reach:

    * Use Writer’s Market to find editors of magazines and trade journals in your niche
    * Find journalists and bloggers who write about your topic using Linked In

    We have lots of other suggestions on this very topic in our book “Publicity Marketing” ($4.99). It might be a valuable resource for you!

  11. Joe

    02. Feb, 2014

    Awesome info. Thank you for the insight on publicity marketing. I have heard about this but, wasn’t sure how it worked. I will definitely get a copy. Thanks again!

  12. SWC

    05. May, 2014

    I wrote a press release – are you open to reviewing it?

  13. Tara Geissinger

    Tara Geissinger

    06. May, 2014

    Hi there! If you are submitting the press release on our website, one of our editors will definitely take a look! :)

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